Springtime is oh-so-feminine. Never too early, sometimes annoyingly moody but always brings something magical along! Filled with positive vibes of the springtime, we went to a very beautiful design hotel – Annas Hotel to make some magic out of what we do (and know) the best – bathing! How to make a truly exquisite bathing ritual? Well, here is what we do to make it exquisite for the body and soul. Light a candle to create the mood, take your favourite bathing products such as bath foam, bath bubble balls, bath salt and don’t forget about a body scrub or … Continue reading →

Continuing to gather the best of the best from 2013, we have to talk about the reflection of STENDERS soul – the shop! What is STENDERS shop really? Is it a cosmetics boutique? Or is it a place where to buy soap and the best Christmas gifts (proven version thoughJ)? It is a place where STENDERS brand essence can be found and it does not exclude any of the above versions. STENDERS is the Gardener of Feelings and we like to think our boutiques are like real gardens brought into the city, full of senses and feelings, where every detail … Continue reading →


2013 is nearly over, so it’s time to get even with the outgoing year, dot all i’s and cross all t’s (allow yourself some commas, exclamation or question marks as well) and make your New Year’s resolution – brand new and full with hope and determination. As every year. Yes, despite the fact that most of us forget about the majority of determinations in a second we step into a new year, there is something miraculously exciting about this process itself. Time between Christmas and New Year’s Eve in general is a little, hmm, witchy and has little to do … Continue reading →

Beauty Awards logo 2013_bez lakas

On 31 October, already for the third consecutive year, winners representing the cosmetics industry in Latvia were announced at the prestigious competition “Cosmopolitan Beauty Award 2013″. Cosmo Jury and the magazine readers evaluated cosmetics products in order to identify the best ones. STENDERS received 5 awards for excellent results in the following nominations: Best night cream – STENDERS Night cream for dry and sensitive skin; Best body peel – STENDERS Amber shower scrub; Best shampoo / conditioner – STENDERS Hair and body shampoo for men; Best body oil – STENDERS Body oil for men; Best body wash – STENDERS Rose … Continue reading →


Here it is! After 2 years of creation, designing and testing, brand new STENDERS 3D hair care line is out! Yes, 3D, correct. It’s a specially developed 3D molecule that penetrates into damaged areas of hair surface, filling and renewing them. And there is a lot more – marine collagen, protein complex, hydrolysed keratin and argan oil.. 9 great products – 3 kinds of shampoos and conditioners, hair oil for shine, hair cream for smoothness, hair mask to renew the structure of damaged hair. Might sound too scientific but the result is fantastic – tried and proved myself!  I have … Continue reading →


Another circle has closed. The snow has melted, first grass stems have coloured the surroundings in fresh green, you finally arrive in and leave the office in daylight (nearly always), and along with all this nearly every woman (at least in the nearby neighbourhood) experiences a small panic attack – change of wardrobe! Yes, it’s officially springtime! Every year STENDERS shares its joy for the sprig arrival with everyone, by giving bright colours, scents and heartfelt smiles. We here, at STENDERS, believe – when winter steps away allowing the spring to come, that is the moment when everyone can start … Continue reading →


Have you got even with your year 2013 yet? Here, at STENDERS, we have started to look on the brightest reflections from the past year, and guess what – we are quite happy about what we see and what we have done! Yes, yes, there were ups and downs, tears and bright glimpses of happiness, deadlines approaching like F1 and moments of fading light (hope, motivation, happiness, etc). But all in all, we have been so blessed with the year full of sensations, serious decisions, challenges and achievements.  I want to share with you some of those miraculous events. And … Continue reading →


Have you heard about affiliate marketing? I have. Do you know how it works? I don’t.  Or, to be more precise, I didn’t. Now I know. I will not explain in details what does it mean and how does it work as you can read about this in one of ~ 43 000 000 pages mother google offers for your disposal. But I am proud of my colleague Vilnis, STENDERS e-commerce manager, who has created STENDERS very first affiliate program and to find wonderful partners to cooperate for this program to go live – from Tallinn. So, what are … Continue reading →


Cranberry is definitely the queen of autumn. At least where there are 4 seasons and marshes around, like here, in Latvia.  Cranberries are healthy, stylish – as they are beautifully matching their reddish colour with greenish moss, and tasty (well, that one depends on the taste). And what a multitasking berry! When the autumn fever has hit you, cranberries with honey is a must have cure. If a girl wants to have a healthy glow, she should eat 13 cranberries on the Easter morning.  There is a rumour that even the North American Indians were aware of the great qualities … Continue reading →


Great news to all STENDERS friends, colleagues and fans – Garden of Feelings has blossomed in the heart of Vienna! We are happy and proud of STENDERS first boutique opening in the most prestigious shopping area of the city, so called Golden Quarter. Many world known clothing and accessories brand shops are located in this area and STENDERS boutique is a great addition to this collection there. Opening event was attended by Viennese business and public representatives and Austrian media. The Latvian Ambassador in Austria, Mr Edgars Skuja, also honored the public with his official speech. I must admit that … Continue reading →